Conveyor technology

In addition to universal safety technology and cross-sector solutions, steute develops products tailored specifically to the safeguarding of conveyor systems in the bulk goods industry.

Special requirements

Extreme weather conditions, fine dust or heavily vibrating machines and plants: the challenges encountered in conveyor technology, for example in mining, are enormous. The conveyor systems sometimes stretch for kilometres and must reliably transport materials and raw materials which may be wet or dusty. If a conveyor is loaded unevenly or the belt is no longer aligned between its rollers, then the belt must be corrected or the conveyor stopped immediately.

In many other branches of industry, conveyor technology is also an essential part of production and loading, thus contributing significantly to the efficiency of diverse applications. Due to the strongly growing international competition, especially in the field of automation technology, most areas are under enormous pressure to optimise their production processes. This makes the reliability of conveyors all the more important, as well as their ability to be stopped directly and safely should a problem or hazard occur.

Switching devices for safeguarding conveyor technology

Depending on the application field and branch of industry in question, switching devices must be deployable in different conveyor systems and in very rough environments, while at the same time meeting the requirements of safety, corrosion resistance and robustness. The emergency pull-wire switches from steute facilitate, for example, reliable emergency stops and belt rip monitoring in larger plants. Our belt alignment switches monitor the correct alignment of conveyor belts and thus safeguard the transportation of heavy bulk goods.

In addition to safety products, steute offers a wide range of switches and sensors which promote the automation and optimisation of production processes. Wireless sensors and position switches, for example, can be flexibly used for the automated counting and monitoring of piece goods in production processes.

Our robust switches and sensors are optionally available with high IP protection and as explosion-proof variants.

The ZS 92 series

The robust switching devices in the ZS 92 series were developed as true specialists for extreme environmental conditions. All products in this series feature outstanding mechanical robustness and are housed in die-cast aluminium or thermoset (-KST) enclosures.

The ZS 92 S emergency pull-wire switch provides an emergency-stop function for conveyor systems which can be triggered all along the wire, contributing significantly to personal and machine safety. The ZS 92 SR belt alignment switch monitors the travel of conveyor belts. The large stainless steel roller lever swings out if a belt is off-centre between its rollers and triggers – depending on the control settings – a correction of the alignment or a stop of the entire conveyor.

Products for conveyor technology

Emergency pull-wire switches

Belt alignment switches

Belt-rip detection switches


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