Food industry

 As a switchgear specialist with decades of experience, steute offers a wide range of products perfectly suited to temperature-controlled processing and aggressive cleaning processes in the food industry.

Special requirements

Wherever food is processed, machines and plants must comply with strict hygiene regulations, meaning that they usually have to be chemically cleaned. As a consequence, plants are exposed to aggressive media, corrosive cleaning agents and extremely hot high-pressure water jets several times a day.

In addition, food processing is temperature-controlled, for example to extend the shelf life of foodstuffs using quick-freezing. Countless production processes use basic materials which come in powder, steam or gaseous form. These materials are often explosive when they come into contact with air, making them hazardous for both workers and machinery.

Safety technology for complex application fields

Whether reliable safety sensors for machine and plant automation, emergency pull-wire switches for monitoring conveyors, wireless foot switches with a high IP protection class for slaughterhouses, corrosion-resistant sensors for industrial bottle washing and filling, or explosion-proof switchgear for various Ex zones: our products feature extremely robust enclosures (optionally available in stainless steel or fibreglass-reinforced industrial-strength plastic), temperature resistance, high IP protection, as well as extreme corrosion resistance. They are thus perfectly suited for reliable implementation in hygienically safe and yet resource-efficient processes in dry areas, splash zones, wet areas and corrosive atmospheres.

Realistic testing

Reliabilty and durability are guaranteed through tests conducted in our own laboratory under realistic ambient conditions. All steute switches and sensors undergo extensive testing from the development phase onwards in order to provide continual optimisation and the highest quality at all times.

Laboratory dust tests to all the relevant standards are used, for example, to prove the required dust-tightness of protection class IP6X. For the IPX9 waterproof test, a high-pressure water jet is used at a temperature of 80 °C.

Due to the aggressive cleaning processes involved, the quality of the surfaces of our switches and sensors plays a key role. Their corrosion resistance is tested to various industrial standards, for example salt spray tests to DIN EN ISO 9227 or cyclic salt spray tests to IEC/EN 60068-2-52. In addition, we are able to draw upon decades of experience in anti-corrosive products for shipbuilding and offshore technology.

Products for the food industry

ES 97 IP69 ExtremePosition switches

Ex 99Position switches


BZ 16 IP69 ExtremeSafety sensors


RC Si 56 IP69 ExtremeSafety sensors


IS M8 ExtremeInductive sensors

IS M12 ExtremeInductive sensors

IS M12 full metal ExtremeInductive sensors

IS M18 ExtremeInductive sensors

IS M18 full metal ExtremeInductive sensors

IS M30 ExtremeInductive sensors

IS M30 full metal ExtremeInductive sensors

ES 14 ExtremeCommand devices

ZS 71 IP67 -40°C ExtremeEmergency pull-wire switches


ZS 71 IP69 Niro ExtremeEmergency pull-wire switches


GFI ExtremeFoot switches

GFSI ExtremeFoot switches

RF GFSI ExtremeFoot switches


RF GFS KST ExtremeFoot switches