Factory automation

At the human-machine interface, reliable functionality is just as important as safe signal transmission. The automation and monitoring of machines and plants is one of the key tasks of switches and sensors used in this context.


Due to growing international competition, the pressure on factories to optimise their production processes is strong. Automation and digitalisation can lead to direct improvements while reducing costs and saving resources.

This often requires retrofitting of machines and plants. In most industrial applications, however, it is neither reasonable nor viable to lay cables. Machines and plants instead require reliable wireless sensors, and if they are additionally located in explosive zones, the demands are even higher.

Our products

The steute product range includes devices which require no maintenance, are simple to install and which in some cases are even self-sufficient. This makes them predestined for a wide variety of applications, for example the counting function in automated production systems, the starting of conveyor belts, or the monitoring of transported goods on lifting tables and turntables. Wireless switches and sensors make a significant contribution to the efficiency of automated production processes through their high degree of durability and functionality, but also due to their tried-and-tested wireless technology.

Moreover, the switches and sensors from steute have robust enclosures and are optionally available in a wide range of variants, including explosion-proof products. 

Your journey into the digitalised world

With steute Leantec as your contact partner for Industry 4.0 communication networks, you will be able to exploit the optimisation potential of your factory to the full. Wireless sensor network solutions and precise real-time information will provide you with a digital twin of all industrial production processes at all times. Transparency in production and assembly are guaranteed.

To find out more about the "nexy" digital shop floor solution from steute Leantec, as well as a comprehensive range of related services, please visit our website.


Products for factory automation