Building automation

Safety systems in production halls and industrial plants need to fulfil ever increasing requirements if they are to be effective. They must realise a high level of security while protecting sensitive buildings and production areas. As a trusted business partner, we develop and manufacture products for our customers which provide the highest degree of flexibility and reliability.

Particular challenges

Applications in building automation are just as varied as their requirements. Safety, heating or ventilation solutions are the most frequently requested.

The size of industrial production halls means that many applications involve extremely poor accessibility and thus reduced options for maintaining and monitoring any switches or sensors. Laying cables is often difficult and impractical.

Depending on the application field, production halls may also be partially located within explosive zones or exposed to extreme fluctuations in temperature. And ventilation of industrial halls must also take anti-theft meaures into account.

Our solution

Switches and sensors from steute, and particularly our wireless product range, are the first choice for safety, heating and ventilation solutions. These products are additionally available in explosion-proof variants and with a high IP protection, making them suitable for a wide range of application fields. 

The wireless position switches from steute are predestined for the position monitoring of skylights or the prevention of break-ins through ventilation flaps. In addition, these products stand out for their extended battery lifetime and long wireless range. Our wireless position switches are equipped with the latest sWave® wireless technology  and are thus well suited to the parallel operation of multiple wireless applications.

Another popular application for our switching devices is rolling gates in industrial halls. A pragmatic solution is required for daily forklift traffic, enabling drivers to open gates comfortably and close them again, as required. The solution is a robust pull-wire switch, usually mounted on the ceiling. The pull wire is connected to the switch and is easy to operate from the forklift.

Products for building automation