Inductive sensor

IS M18

  • Metal enclosure
  • M18 x 1 thread
  • Flush mounting
  • Long life, no mechanical wear
  • Insensitive to soiling
  • With LED
  • With pre-wired cable or plug-in connector

Technical data

Applied standards

EN 60947-5-2


brass, nickeled

Front cap


Degree of protection

IP67 (IEC/EN 60529)


cable PVC (Ø max. 4.1 mm) 3 x 0.25 mm² or plug-in connector M12 x 1

Switching elements

1 NO contact, PNP, 3-wire

Rated switching distance sn

5 mm or 8 mm

Correction factors

Steel (Fe360) = 1; Stainless steel approx. 0.7; Brass approx. 0.5; Aluminium approx. 0.4; Copper approx. 0.4

Rated operating voltage range UB

10 … 30 VDC

Residual ripple

≤ 10 %

Switching current

max. 0.2 A

Voltage drop at Ie

max. 1.8 V

Current absorption

< 15 mA at 24 VDC


approx. 10 %

Switching frequency

1000 Hz or 400 Hz


≤ 3 %

Protection circuit

Inductive interference protection, protection against polarity reversal, short-circuit and overload proof

LED display

lights up yellow on actuation

Ambient temperature

–25 °C … +85 °C


EU Declaration of Conformity

german [de], english [en]

PDF 962 KB 27.02.2023
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