Heavy-duty switchgear for extractive industries

The steute "Controltec" division will be exhibiting at this year's steinexpo 2023 for the first time. Dipl.-Ing. Rainer Lumme, Product Manager Ex & Extreme Applications: "We will be showing our extended range of heavy-duty switchgear developed especially for the monitoring and safeguarding of conveyors in quarries, gravel pits and other extraction operations."

This product range includes the extremely robust ZS 92 switchgear series for monitoring conveyor belts (see image). The series is available in two basic variants: as an emergency pull-wire switch (ZS 92 S) and as a belt alignment switch (ZS 92 SR). In both cases, users have the choice between two anti-corrosive enclosure materials: multi-coated die-cast aluminium or high-quality thermoset plastic.

One feature of the entire series is its high degree of flexibility. The ZS 92 S is available with different settings for the trigger and release levers, enabling it to be installed in more or less any conceivable position, including at the rear.

The mounting dimensions of the new series are compatible with those of other emergency pull-wire switches and belt alignment switches on the market, making it easy to retrofit or exchange existing devices on (conveyor) machines and plants. Extremely simple adjustment in 5° steps of the switching points for advance warning and stopping further increases the versatility of the ZS 92 SR belt alignment switch in practical applications.

At the steinexpo, these two switch variants will be demonstrated on a conveyor belt in a realistic scenario. For the safeguarding of conveyors transporting bulk goods, a brand new heavy-duty switchgear product will also be shown: a belt rip detection system.

This system incorporates a compact ZS 71 pull-wire switch with a latching function and a special guide wire system. It is installed at right angles below the conveyor belt at all transfer and loading points. Should the bulk goods contain e.g. a piece of metal which causes damage when landing heavily on the belt, the ZS 71 is triggered and sends a signal to the machine control, causing the belt to stop immediately. Once the foreign object has been removed and, if necessary, the belt repaired, the belt rip detection can be reactivated using the reset button and the belt restarted.